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Debra White
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Debra White has been serving the people of Nacogdoches and East Texas since 1990 with a goal of providing the very best in patient care for symptomatic care and true wellness. With an educational background in both nursing and chiropractic care coupled with over 40 years of experience, she is highly qualified to help her patients make the best decisions regarding their health care challenges. Dr. White is very proud to provide the most qualified staff in the East Texas area with their years of experience and education they bring to the table.

Dr. White's extensive background makes her especially known for her unique ability to direct triage patients to the appropriate health care provider if more than Chiropractic is needed. One of her many qualifications includes her daily practice of offering her patients a medical doctor to speak with to determine the best course of action for them.

“My obligation to my patients is to determine if theirs is a chiropractic problem or if other care is needed as well. Frequently, patients don’t know if their discomfort is a chiropractic problem or not. My job is to make that determination and refer accordingly, in addition to providing chiropractic education.”— Dr. White

Dr. White is affiliated with multiple M.D.s in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, Tyler, and the surrounding areas.

Dr. White lives in Nacogdoches.


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